La la Layering

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress from NYNE, crochet singlet from Dotti, shoes from Lipstick 
Interior Pic: Courtesy of
Hubby and I are currently renovating our 70s home and have just gone from living in an episode of That 70s Show to embracing calming neutrals.  Neutrals can sound a bit blah and sometimes they can be, but the best way to get around this is to think TTL or tone, texture layer.  This goes for clothing and for home.

This pic captures a simple living space, neutral colours and a tonal palette made interesting with materials that have texture - the woven chairs, rattan stools, bare weatherboard feature walls and pearlescent shell chandelier all give a space interest while still maintaining a calm, soft and sleek vibe.  
Check out Mere's matching style...

I personally love this look for Mere.  It's a bit different to her personal style but there's a softness and sophistication that I really love.  Most elements of this outfit are monochromatic (tone on tone) but there are a mixture of materials, lengths and fabrics to keep things interesting - chiffon slip, patent blush belt, crochet crop singlet, knit shrug, metallic necklace, suede booties. It sounds like a lot but the effect is a look with an 'easy breezy feel'.

How to layer Pic:

Layering doesn't have to seem complicated but it's a great way to make a lot of neutrals feel interesting.  I also found a really great article to help all the non-layerers out there - How to layer clothing

Lastly, and this is probably because I am wrapped up in a mink blanket with a cup of tea by my side (we are in the thick of Winter here) but I have a fascination with throws at the moment so what better time than now to mention that a textured throw across a white bed spread can make all the difference to create some interior layering.

I found these traditional throws online but you can buy something similar from Redcurrent

Traditional throws:

Interior pic:

Just like wearing your favourite sweater to bed!


  1. Hey I really heart this layering post. Especially this time of year, when you tend to be covered up because of the cooler weather, its great to still be able to be feminine through layering, especially with scarves!
    Keep up the good work girls xx

    1. Thanks Joelene, glad you like it. I love Winter for this very reason. Wearing scarves and playing around with knits and fabrics. Ah almost makes me want to rewind to June.....almost!


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