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Virtual Styling

Great style comes from within

We are problem solvers who like to take as many cue's from your personal style as we can, 
deconstruct them and then inject these traits into your home by way of home accessories, 
furniture and stylish advice.

So where to from here:


Get in touch and we'll send you our style questionnaire to fill out.
This is where we get you to describe your personal style and interests
as well as upload a couple of examples of your favourite pieces and the
interior space that you need help to style.


We'll create a pinterest mood board which combines the best of both worlds -
your personal style and your interior space with plenty of imagery examples
to get you inspired and give you a clear sense of direction.  
We'll also pair this with a style brief and shopping list
for you to work with.


 You have two choices.  You can take the style brief, moodboard and style notes
and set out on your own knowing that you have a clear sense of direction.  Or
you can give us a budget to work with and we can scout specific items for you and
arrange shipment to wherever you happen to be. 

For all inquiries please email us at homebecomesher@gmail.com

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