Chandeliers Literally...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Antique Chandeliers are an interior design fave of mine and as I'm a big fan of eclectic living spaces I really love how such a grand light fitting can sit well in even the most unexpected settings.  Quite the contradiction and twice the design statement, don't you think?

Interior pic:

Never one to shy away from a costume design challenge  it was only a matter of time before I'd come up with the idea of dressing 'ode to chandelier'.  This was actually a costume I made for the Wellington Sevens (an annual rugby event).  Nonetheless heads were turned, eyes were blinded, and 'fake' diamonds shimmied.  

Outfit pic: Gaya, Ereana and Mereana - Chandelier costumes by Erena Te Paa
Interior pic: Chandelier image courtesy of Kennedy Home Design

This was an unexpected costume design that created mass appeal in the most unexpected environment and I have to admit it was a bit of fun feeling like a chandelier for a day. 

 The above may be a bit too Avant Garde for your average special occasion but who says you can't pair your most sparkly frock or pant with something more paired down to your next bash. 

I'm digging on Blake Lively's sequined skinnies paired with a plain black boyfriend shirt (above).  
I dare you to be different!  Erena x


  1. The chandelier costumes are so great! I'd love to go to a costume party dressed as a chandelier. So sparkly! ;)

    1. Thanks Mara! It was a bit left field from the more conventional costume ideas but it was fantastic being so sparkly ;) The costumes once off also actually look great as chandeliers too (funny that!)

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