Colour Blocking

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Dress and bag from Glassons, Shoes from Nude 
Interior pic: courtesy of Design Interior Blog

I love how simple yet effective colour blocking is. It can create a fantastic visual impact that is bold, dynamic and fun for your outfits and home interiors. With the teal as the primary colour and adding complementary accessories in pink and yellow, it really makes the outfit pop. Was quite happy to find this similar interior colour block image with the vibrant teal walls and the pink touches.

So how do you choose the colours? This doesn’t simply mean that you put two or three bold colours together, they must be complementary. Here is a great guide from style prompt on how to technically figure out which colour combinations work best together.

As we’ve done with this outfit, you can also try colour blocking with homeware accessories such as cushions, vases or throws.

Colour block with accessories - image from getinmyhome

If you're into DIY, here is a fun colour blocking project for your home pot plants from Dellie.
DIY your own colour block terracotta pot plant

Or if you're like me and would rather just buy things 'ready made' check out these lovely 'dipped' bowls from Wind & Willows below.

Wind & Willow Home create beautiful 'dipped' products

Well very first blog post done! Hope you enjoyed it, we look forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading!
Mereana & Erena


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! Teal is one of my favorite colors. and I love the yellow and pink accents. So pretty.
    That teal and pink room is amazing!


  2. Thanks Mara! So excited you're tuned into our blog, you're one of our key inspirations xxx

  3. Thanks for the linking the colourful pouffes back to my blog Mareana and Erena - aren't they gorgeous! I love those dipped bowls too!

    1. Thanks Emily, love your blog :)Yes the pouffes are so fabulous!


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