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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Body Art Pic: Courtesy of our lovely friend Gaya
Wall Art Pic: Courtesy of Snuut Architecture
This is our beautiful friend Gaya showing off her uber feminine and delicate back tattoo. If tattooing body art seems too permanent for you, then wall decals require much less commitment. This butterfly wall decal has been placed on top of wallpaper and has instantly taken a blah boring wall to something of a feature. Wall decals can be a simple and great way to add excitement, character and beauty to a room. 

Body Art image: Courtesy of Pinterest
Wall Art image: Courtesy of Walldecalshop
I think henna temporary tattooing is so stunning, and this wall decal example shows that you really can find almost any sort of design you desire. With so many options available from images to inspirational quotes, you can find something that is meaningful and beautiful to your tastes and apply this to any room in the house (or even tattoo any part of your body...).

So this is probably not a simple vinyl wall decal but more of a hand painted and original wall mural, I love it! Image courtesy of Foggyland
If you're handy with the paint brush create your own bright, colorful and dynamic wall mural. Not for the artistically challenged like me, but inspiring all the same. Image courtesy of MadeByGirl
A fantastic and extravagant wall mural example! Again not a simple decal but so effective in this double ceiling height space. Image courtesy of Batixa
I think nursery's and kids rooms are perfect for decals, they add the fun factor and can be easily removed when you or your kids get over it! Image courtesy of The Kids Room Decor
Image courtesy of Colorful Kids Rooms

So try a wall decal – liven up a room for relatively low cost and minimal effort. There are so many different vinyl wall decals available, check out Etsy for thousands of options and you're sure to find one that you love. Or for the artistically ambitious and talented you can try painting your own wall mural or even create your own fabric wall decal, see Sewing Scarlet for a great tutorial.

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