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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

These ombre walls and curtains add such a lovely softness to the room. There is something about the gradual tonal changes that just feels soft and relaxing. This girl is so totally ombre by doing the ombre dress AND ombre hairstyle.
Interior pic courtesy of Happiness Is
Outfit pic courtesy of Beauty Moves Me

Ombre is a French term meaning “shaded”. The effect is usually achieved by a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. Its a trend that if you Google right now will come up with a lot of hairstyle images from celebs who over the past few years have been rocking the dark roots that slowly get lighter at the ends. Apparently the celebs have now abandoned the two toned hairstyles, but in fashion and interiors; ombre can be a lot more timeless. In fact ombre is a color style that works not just on interiors and fashion, but also on cakes, lips and nails and has even shown up in a lot of wedding styling. The 'dip dye' style is very similar in terms of the visual effect it creates of which there are quite a few DIY tutorials to try out.

Google ombre and you will get hundreds of these sorts of celeb hairstyle pics. From left to right Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore and Khloe Kardashian.Images courtesy of theberry.comandazelenca.com and franaq16.blogspot.co.nz

What I love about ombre is the softness and gentleness. It has a calming feeling to it, from a dark rich color to softer more pastel tones and all the way to white.

These are more subtle gradient ombre examples. They also demonstrate that blue on blue on blue can work, you don't have to be afraid to be too matchy matchy.
Interior pic courtesy of apetycznewnetrze.blogspot.com 
Outfit pic courtesy of weheartit.com

A great example of the sweet softness of ombre. Pale pink and turquoise, too cute.
Interior pic courtesy of blog.jelanieshop.com
Outfit pic courtesy of pose.com

A DIY project you can ombre paint a set of drawers for a fabulous visual effect. Gwen Stefani was stunning in this John Galliano wedding dress way back in 2002 before ombre became a hairstyle sensation.
Interior pic courtesy of creamylife.comombre-desk 
Outfit pic courtesy of wedding-darling.com

Dip dye denim blue, has a chic easiness to it that feels very down to earth.
Interior pic courtesy of etsy.com
Ombre denim shirt courtesy of etsy.com

Orange in your wedding dress is probably even more outrageous than pink, but its cute and it works. This simplistic art piece demonstrates that ombre is beauty and art in itself.
Ombre Sunset Pic courtesy of etsy.com
Orange ombre wedding pic courtesy of beforethebigday.co.uk

There are no limits to this trend, even your lips can have this crazy extra dimension.
Interior pic Courtesy of  Happiness Is
Make-up pic courtesy of  Tumbler.com

Wedding cakes and crazy couture are all ombre friendly
Image courtesy of savvyinteriordesign.com

There is something hippy and cool about both these examples, but I wouldn't try the pink hair unless you were in your early 20s.
Interior pic courtesy of anordinarywoman.net
Pink hair image courtesy of tammyleighsblog.blogspot.com

Sunshine yellow ombre is very easy on the eye and soothing to the soul. Such a cheerful color in such a peaceful tone takes me to my happy place.
Interior pic courtesy of Happiness Is
Outfit pic courtesy of i612.photobucket.com

Check some ombre and dip dyed ideas below for the avid DIYer and a whole lot more ideas here.
Make your own dip dyed napkins via a great tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

Give more interest and beauty to some retro furniture. Image courtesy of budgetdecorating.about.com
Ombre doesn't have to be crazy colorful shades. Grey is a great option for neutral beauty. Image courtesy of countryliving.com 
This is a great tutorial on how to paint an ombre wall, see full instructions here

Finally some ombre fashion examples...

Ombre on the runway. 
Image courtesy of designsbykf.blogspot.com

Ombre on the red carpet. 
Image courtesy of fromthefloor.nordstrom.com
It is true you could ombre just about anything, and with any color so have fun with this trend and get "ombreing".

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