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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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Mixing prints takes a bit of courage and an eye for colour combinations.  On the home front a combination of prints can be very chic and the overall feel can bring a plain or lifeless room to life.  On the fashion front it can give someone a real sense of personality...

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My personal approach to print is one that is relatively reserved but what I love about mixing prints is that it doesn't always have to say 'hey look how many colours I can wear' - but rather, 'look what I can do with multiple prints and colour', take for instance these runway looks that are mixing prints yet in a monochromatic way.

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The overall look above is a look that is refined yet captivating as not only are the models mixing prints but they are mixing textures in a tonal colour palette of greys black and brown. Not once do I think this is too much print, which just goes to show that mixing prints can be refined and subtle.

Even if you are someone who likes to keep your colour scheme simple inside the home, introducing several different prints into an otherwise neutral space like for instance in window dressings or cushions (as above) shows a bit of flare yet is easily replaced should your relationship with the print sadly 'come to an end'.

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Sometimes too much of something can be a wonderful thing like for instance this leopard on leopard look or this over the top zebra wallpaper.  Sometimes if you have the right oomph of colour to offset the print the scheme can just work - it shouldn't but it does, like these further examples

Micro-floral meets green zebra:

The yellow floral is offset by a striking zebra print:

Mixing prints can tread a fine line between creating a beautiful mess and an amazing fashion moment.  These celebs seem to get the balance right

Whitney Port, tartan and stripes

Scarlett mixes her black and white prints:

Miranda in double floral -

Leopard and floral - who knew?: Olivia

Mixing print the right way is all about maintaining balance and having the confidence to do it in the first place.  Occasionally it can be a happy coincidence that you were wearing 3 kinds of stripes and it looked fab but for the most part this is a blend that takes some coordination - there needs to be a common thread.  Either you try bold print with bold solid colours to offset, or you blend prints with tonal accessories which compliment rather than contrast.  The best thing about mixing prints is it really does get your imaginative juices flowing and when you strike it lucky - it can be a winning combination.

Have a go, I dare you!


  1. I love print mixing! I'm actually print mixing (sorta) on my blog today... although it's all polka dots. But I always feel much more alive and fun when I've got multiple prints on! I love all of these inspiration pictures!

    1. Thanks for the comment! saw your post and the polka dots combo look fantastic! mixing prints is not easy to do but you nailed it :)


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