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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fur throw over bed end - pic by

I am in love with faux fur!  Sometimes I get a really strong sense for a trend and after styling a shoot recently I had that 'I want it' moment with faux fur.  It was a fur stole to be exact but the model happened to be wearing a vintage dress of mine for this particular shot and that dress combined with the photographers 'prop' - a faux fur stole just took it to a whole other level. so I've been in love with the idea of faux fur ever since.  So much so that I've dedicated this whole post to it!

Fur capelet by

Faux fur in an interior sense (or faux anything) is always hard to get right as it can come off looking too fake or just plain inappropriate for the setting.  I think the key to getting above this wee challenge in any case is always to go for quality and that doesn't necessarily mean spending exorbitant prices from a high-end boutique but merely thinking outside the box, looking in secondhand stores or online auction sites.  If you were wanting to create your own  faux fur stole for instance, just visit any second hand store for a fur collared jacket and choose one that would be easy to disassemble the collar from the jacket as often this is easy to do.  See the tutorial I have posted below from Transient Expression.

Fur collar tutorial and image from

Fur collars are so luxe - so they can really take what would otherwise be a non differential jacket or dress to something that oozes interest and sophistication. They also photograph well.  I especially love the idea of contrasting textures - as in leather and fur.  We are coming into Winter here so I'm always looking at ways to make the transition cheaply (as in using what I have) while giving people a new perspective.  This year that new perspective might just be a faux fur collar or accent.

Leopard accents - image by

I love these leopard print accents above.  I think the interior designer has done a great job of staying under the line of being too OTT by keeping everything from the lampshades to the furniture both light, sleek and modern so that the personality of the print can shine.

Cosy fur bedspread and image by

Despite the fact that one of the bedside lamps is on the bend in the pic above (only just noticed this!) I really like (again) that everything is white and light in the bedroom above and yet the faux fur animal print bed spread gives it a warm, inviting and interesting feel.  Imagine how much colder the room could feel without it!  We have a guest room that gets no light during the day so everything is going to be light and white but I'm worried about the room looking cold, so this is great inspiration for that bedroom!

In fashion, as with interiors.  One solid contrasting colour (think black, white, red) is all you need and then your faux fur jacket, throw or collar will do the rest.  I mean, how chic does this woman look in all black and leopard.  This kind of look never gets old in my book.  Actually this also demonstrates another tip, that if you want to look coordinated from top to toe, try matching your shoe to an accent colour that you're wearing, (the less predictable the better).  She has chosen the nutty brown of the middle of the leopard print to accent in her heels.  She could have gone black but I love the contrast here.

In a funny coincidence, my husband and I are trying to declutter 10 years worth of personal belongings and we uncovered a shaggy fur throw from 5 years ago that I fell out of love with but you'll be pleased to know I am so in love with it again.  I guess because we are in a new place but I can see so many new possibilities for it in our interior space so 'it stays'.

Til next time, go faux!

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