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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nothing says nautical like navy and white stripes.  Sunhats, sailboats, shells and sunshine are also highly complementary.
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Outfit image courtesy of A Positively Beautiful Blog

My new home at the beach has inspired this post as I've been quite taken by the nautical theme. I've never owned a house by the beach, so I now feel quite entitled and even obliged to introduce some sense of a nautical feeling into my home decor. Complimentary

The navy blue and white stripes are of course the classic combination, originally called the Breton Stripes which were the design of the French seamen's uniform. Coco Chanel then popularized the signature style and took it mainstream with her stripe shirt and palazzo pants combo, which is where the nautical craze all started and has been going strong for decades. For more on the history of the beloved nautical style check this article Stripes Ahoy!

From the movie "Coco before Chanel" Audrey Tautou does a brilliant job of playing the fashion pioneer.
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I've always liked the nautical look, I think it is classic and has this New York Hamptons, old rich,  Jackie Onassis sophistication about it, but maybe that's just me or maybe I watch too much Revenge!

For interiors it opens a whole world of boat themed accessories like ropes, buoys, ship steering wheels, anchors, nautical maps, oars, flags, etc. But as per our previous post 5 Fashion and Interior Design Fails you can take a theme too far, so I wouldn't recommend you get all of the accessories listed unless you want to make people feel like they're actually on a boat!

White is the best starting point for all things nautical then add a splash of navy stripe, a lifesaver, maybe a captains hat and a nautical map and you're away sailing....
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Another twist on Nautical - taking the basic stripe to a chevron. Go wild and put that stripe on an angle!
Interior image courtesy of House of Mood
Outfit image courtesy of Chictopia

Nautical is not just about navy, but red can give you just as much of that sailor sensation. Check the beautiful and rustic link chain table legs the rope ornament and the basket lampshade. Its these touches that give that nautical feel to this very contemporary and stylish interior.
Interior image courtesy of Mylalifestyle
Outfit image courtesy of Shabbyapple

I find the blue glass buoy so special. I've tired to find  some vintage glass buoys to decorate my home, but it is nigh on impossible here in New Zealand. But I've managed to find some replica glass buoys from Freedom Furniture which are a good substitute and have placated my yearning for these beautiful items. The red pumps are a perfect complement to this nautical outfit, with the classic Chanel stripe top and skinny black jeans.
Interior image courtesy of livetheemma
Outfit image courtesy of Iwantbigcloset

I LOVE this nautical wallpaper. This would be quite a commitment stylistically and I don't know if I could do it, but RESPECT to those that can pull it off. I also love this hipster retro styling for the nautical look. A sentiment to how timeless this style is, you can make it work for you whatever your age.
Interior image courtesy of Bambinogoodies
Outfit image courtesy of Pinterest

So more of a beachy look pulling back a bit on the stripe. Check the oar coat rack, what a great weekend project!  A simple white dress styled for the beach can be very fun, relaxed and pretty.
Interior image courtesy of Design is Mine
Outfit image courtesy of Fashionsalade
The round ship window is also a stunning nautical touch to your interior. We've painted our floorboards white and I can't wait to see how I can start decorating on this blank canvas.
Interior image courtesy of Saltwaterliving
Outfit image courtesy of Pinterest
Now just plain beachy I can't go past a good bikini. These ceramics from ENDEsign on Etsy are so modern and unique. Moontide is a wonderful New Zealand swimwear brand that produce high quality togs (as we call them in NZ).  We here in the southern hemisphere are heading into winter and these images are a bit of a sad farewell, but none-the less enjoyable.
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Outfit image courtesy of Moontide

Nautical map wallpaper can make a great backdrop for your nautical scene. Don't forget to accessorize  but as Coco would say "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory".
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Outfit image courtesy of Be Cinderella

Now ropes are one of my favourite nautical accessories, rustic and beautiful. These light clusters would add wonderful character to a living area or kitchen. This necklace is pretty intense, but there are quite a few ways to wear it, check it out at Bec Brittain
Interior image courtesy of Etsy
Outfit image courtesy of Bec Brittain

Ropes and knots can make an interesting and unique wall display. This necklace from Etsy is a bit more delicate than the previous example, the colour and unique texture make this quite a statement piece.
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Outfit image courtesy of Etsy

Now for some nautical DIY projects, from nail art to a rope ottoman get creative! I have a Pinterest board called "DIY Dreams" because I'm quite conscious of the fact that the I'll never get around to it, but it still doesn't stop me from adding pins to my board and dreaming...

The Rope Ottoman is perfect for the beach house, looks easy, but its probably quite complicated... -

DIY nautical nail art, you'll need a steady hand for those stripes! Image courtesy of pshitt

One last thought...

Image courtesy of Society 6

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