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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Our Wedding 2008 - photographer Carey Conn
Interior shot from
When I think Spanish influence for the home what instantly comes to mind are arches, wrought iron and beautifully detailed tiles. Then for fashion I think lace, fans, peineta (Spanish comb), flowers and frilly layers. I had a strong Spanish influence in my wedding dress attire above, because I wanted to acknowledge my husband's heritage (half Spanish, from Chile) and I also thought these accessories were simply stunning. The peineta and fan were gifts from my Mother-in-law brought from Spain and I had the Spanish lace veil or mantilla made here in New Zealand.

Many people think my comb is a Māori heru, and you'll see why from the below examples. From New Zealand to China to Spain, all of these traditional combs are quite similar.

From left to right, Māori Bone Heru from New Zealand, Chinese Ivory comb, and far right a Spanish peineta traditionally made from tortiseshell but nowadays made from imitation mother of pearl. Images courtesy of NZ Museums, and

Now for some Spanish style wedding inspiration....

Gorgeous Spanish bride, see full photo shoot at 
What a dramatic photo! If you want to see more great Mantilla images, check this post at
Sadly the marriage didn't last but the Spanish style dress and mantilla will be forever beautiful. Image courtesy of

And of course some Spanish style home decor inspiration....

Incredible intricate Spanish tiles. Image courtesy of

 More gorgeous Spanish tiles. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Yet another great Spanish hallway. Image courtesy of

Love these Spanish/Moorish tiles. I'd want the exact same in my kitchen. Image courtesy of

This colonial style Spanish house has great character. The adobe walls really make the style pop. Image courtesy of
For a more contemporary Spanish influenced accessory - check these prints from Etsy.
This means "You are my world"

"Live the Life" - from Etsy

This is one of my favourite photos from our wedding day, quite romantic I thought

Finally an interesting story about my dress, so not exactly Spanish influenced, more Fantastic Four influenced (I know a bit random). The true story is that Erena told me she had a dream that I got married in the dress that Jessica Alba wore in the movie Fantastic Four 2. So of course I Googled it, found the below pic, LOVED IT, and that's exactly what I took to the dress maker to recreate. So I wouldn't say that super hero movies, weddings and Spanish style go together, but in this case it worked for me.

Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four 2. Image courtesy of
The picture I gave to my dressmaker

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