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Friday, 12 October 2012

Recycled grain sack chair, seatbelt cushion - pic from, doily dress from

I'm a creative soul and so I thought I would celebrate a skill that is dear to my heart.  Some call it upcycling others call it recycling, DIY even and if you were a New Zealander you'd call it good old Kiwi ingenuity.

To turn something that had a life served as something else, be it a seatbelt or a coffee sack or a doily - and then transform it into something that is not only useable but stylish, functional and flattering for the home or for you is a feat to be commended.

I guess it's all about seeing beyond what is

   Suitcase table pic from

And seeing what it could be

Recycled pallet office staircase image from

Chalkboard splashback interior pic by

Pallet daybed image from

Decoupage french sidetable image from

Wakefield chandelier from Pottery Barn - image from

Upcycled summer house made from old windows - image from

From a fashion perspective - the term that best describes this type of creative experimentation is upcycling.
The reason behind this can be to give something old a modern touch,  to save some moolah or to be eco-friendly and use what you already have.

Being able to recreate the wheel in the fashion sense gives you creative license to make something uber original and flattering to your shape because you are manipulating it to your style and tastes.

Recreating a Prada trend with spray paint and black pumps - image from

DIY dip-dyed hair - image from

Transformed black dress - image by

As you can see creativity knows no bounds and I admire the skill and foresight that goes into making something ordinary extraordinary.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't give you a couple of vid tutorials to have a go at at home, one requires long hair and some serious 'mirror time' and the other just requires a rainy day - like it is here today!

Doily lamp - image by

To make this amazing lamp at home head here for instructions:
Emily Lizzy's doily lamp tutorial

DIY bow bun by Mr Kate 

Try this bow bun, it's pretty cool and whatsmore Mr Kate is really fun to watch!

Have a good week everyone and next time you're looking at those naff curtains, or that old hideous scarf in your wardrobe think outside the square - it might just need some creative juices to be fabulous once more.


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