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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tribal interior pic from  Mere wears Nine West boots, tribal print leggings by Supre, yellow sheer top by Backdoor and tribal necklace 

Aztec, bohemian, ethnic you name it, if the pattern is bright and bold and punchy with a strong sense of form and symmetry then it's bound to have a tribal influence.  Whether its the sight of these crazy but cool leggings or this bold feature wall print, these patterns awaken the Aztec in me and suddenly I feel the need to get up and dance....ok ok or perhaps you could just watch Miss B demonstrate tribal fierceness in this amazeballs vid, yep that's right cue Beyonce... (at 2min 50 to be precise)

Beyonce in Deja Vu - turn it up!

Tribal influences are everywhere.  Just check out these 
tribal-esque fashion inspired pieces 

Aztec jacket from

Multiple heavy-set rings by

Finger cuff from

Chevron necklace from

Givenchy 2010 - Woah!

As you can probably tell I am a black and white fiend, but tribal is not merely just black and white, oh no no, in the home tribal prints can be bright bright bright!

If you are the creative type I thought this amazing yet simple DIY tribal feature wall could be your next home project..tempted?

Learn how at

Can you hear the sound of tribal drums yet?  Perhaps not, nonetheless this little tiki-tour into tribal prints for the home and fashion has really inspired me to inject some more vibrancy and colour into my style choices. I've always loved tribal prints so expect a follow-up blog about my fave tribal fashionistas Sass & Bide in the next couple of weeks.  

If the tribal waters are just luke warm for you, how about starting off by making a itty bitty statement.  Check out this vid - ooh la la!

How to paint Tribal Aztec Nails

Until next time...


  1. Oh, the tribal triangle wall looks pretty awesome! I'm not much of a tribal print girl, but it IS really fun to look at.

    1. Isn't it just - all those bold prints to admire! I thought the tribal triangle wall was a nice universal DIY project. I thought perhaps a different coloured triangle like mint green or a striking navy blue could channel something else altogether so a pretty useful project idea

  2. Love the Aztec Jacket from The Hunt E! Nice :)


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