Take me back to the 70s

Monday, 20 August 2012

Outfit pic: By Lindsay Keats - Top from thrift shop, jeans from Dotti, handbag from David Lawrence
Interior pic: Courtesy of Deluxe Arch

Okay, so I wasn't actually around in the 70s but if I was (and in my 20s let's say) I'd be a happy girl. Al Green's Let's stay together, Marvin Gaye's Let's get it on...Ooh and for a retro style refresher check out these 70s fashion icons (p.s Diane Keaton I love you).

Farrah Fawcett image from andamasha.blogspot.com

So obviously we had to come up with our own 70s inspired looks.  Check out AnnaLynne McCord's take on this amazing era and then of course the lovely Mere shows off her 70's side with classic bell bottoms, micro florals and tan accents

AnnaLynne McCord image from denimology.com

Though you can't see them we also had some chunky platforms helping to give height to a wide flare.  Which by the way is a good tip for those who are a little on the short side and want to still be able to wear a wide leg pant - always create the illusion of height and wearing heels (that blend rather than contrast) will do this.

At 5'4' Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe knows this!

.  Image from singer22.com

I've mentioned a couple of times that we are currently renovating our 70s house - it's a slow process and I'm enjoying finding pieces that honour the age of the house while complimenting a modern feel.  Check out this example of mixing old with new. The ghost chair is a nice subtle touch of modernity.

70s interior image from Graham & Brown

Check out my latest find.  This is a mid century scissor lamp.  Quite quirky and perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but I am in love and I think it will fit in well with both vintage and modern pieces. I promise I'll take a picture when it's in situ.

This lovely piece was spotted on our ebay equivalent trademe.co.nz

Until then, embrace your inner Farrah and experiment with a 70's vibe - whether its donning oversized shades and felt hats at brunch or embracing some mid-late century pieces for the home.

Peace, love and veges!


  1. Ah, you look so cute in the 70's style! And I love the accompanying room, too. I'd totally decorate like that!

  2. Thanks Kristina!! I love the mix of old and new :)


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