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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pastels Miami Vice Style
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Pastels have been trending for a few seasons now, but have recently had another surge in mainstream popularity. Aside from fashion I'm seeing a lot more pastels influencing interior decor with many of the mainstream retailers here in New Zealand like CittaCountry Road and Freedom Furniture jumping on the trend.

Many of us (older generations) may remember the 80's cop TV show Miami Vice, where for me the most outstanding feature of the show was the fashion worn by the cast and in particular their penchant for pastels. It's impressive how Don Johnson can make a lilac tank top and white pant combo look so macho with his over the shoulder "are you checking out my butt" glare. Yes Don we are. Who knew pastels could be so manly! Even the ankle grazing, cropped pants and loafers look is back - check out Tinie Tempah's reinterpretation of this 80's style statement.

Let's start with the official definition:
  1. 1.
    of a soft and delicate shade of colour.
    "pastel blue curtains"

So we've looked at the 80's version of pastels now lets explore how this trend has been reinvented and refreshed for 2014. Pastels are thought of as a very soft feminine color choice, but as Don Johnson shows, this may not necessarily be so. Let's see how you can safely bring pastels into your wardrobe and home without looking like an 80's throwback or the other risk factor of looking too girly and prissy.

Pastel Pink and Grey

Let's kick thing off with my favorite pastel color combo, soft blush pinks and grey tones from grey marl to charcoals and silvers.

This little girls bedroom is still soft and feminine as a pastel pink can be, but the the addition of the grey makes it more modern and less cutesy. Love this statement pink wool coat and grey marl dress, excellent winter combo.
Interior image via babble.com
Fashion image via glamourdistrict.com

As Don Johnson made us believe, blush pinks are not just for the girls, and can also be HOT on men as this tanned model proves with his grey blazer and pink tee combo. I'm going shopping for a pink tee for my husband tomorrow! I'm also a huge fan of these Tom Dixon lamps, this rose gold color is a fun play on the pastel pink trend but with the metallic chrome finish the pinky tone suddenly becomes more modern and sophisticated.
Interior image via yellows.dk
Fashion image via dailymail.co.uk

Pastel pinks with rose gold chrome is a winning combination. I would never have put these together myself thinking that there wouldn't be enough contrast, too same same and too matchy matchy. Shows what I  know because this look totally works and updates the blush pink pastel with a modern twist as chromes and metallics are very on trend right now too.
Interior image via 101woonideeen.nl
Fashion image via wwd.com

Black, White and Blush

The contrast of monochrome black and white with soft blush pink make a wonderful statement and just as grey and pink make a fabulous combo, so too when you separate the colors that make grey - black and white.

This simple grey marl sofa is accented beautifully with the black, white and pastel pink accessories. The scene is offset by the Scandinavian polished white floors making the furniture shine. Jessica Alba looks elegantly casual in this floating pastel pink skirt combined with delicate black kitten heels and a black cropped sweater. Her styling is flawless - the oversize patent black sunnies and handbag with the Breakfast at Tiffany's hair style, it all works incredibly well. The combo is a bit of a juxtaposition with the strong black contrased with the soft pink. It works particularly well on Jessica because of her tanned skin, this is why pastels usually trend in spring and summer as they're hard shades to pull off in the winter months if you have naturally fair skin.
Interior image via thedesignchaser.com
Fashion image via soullovelyfashion.com

Graphic black and white geometric shaped patterns on the rug and throw are beautifully contrasted with softer pastel shades. Our gorgeous blonde model on the right also has a winning combination with her soft and plush pastel pink jumper offset with the black jeans and Wayfarers. But what makes this look a success is the classic white shirt under the woolen jumper. Without that extra layer, texture and color the look would lack some substance that makes it interesting.
Interior image via normann-copenhagen.com
Fashion image via esther.com.au

This knitted grey throw just invites warmth, comfort and relaxation. Teamed with the pastel blue sofa a subtle coppery pastel is successfully added via the standing lamp and chevron cushion. I couldn't do a pastel post without briefly mentioning the pastel hair coloring trend. This model has a  subtle pink pastel wash through her hair. It started with celebrities like Demi Levato and Kelly Osbourne and has become a lot more common since with people experimenting with the dip dye effect or ombre. I quite like the pastel pink version but if you are bold enough to go brighter do it!
Interior image via sfgirlbybay.com
Fashion image via loft.com

This living room seems simple but there is a lot going on to make it work. Pastels are here in the form of the mint, slightly industrial coffee table and the blush pink cushions. These are contasted by the neutrals of the white walls and beige sofa and then some boldness is introduced via the stripe rug and yellow zebra print cushion. This cushion really stands out given the subdued nature of the rest of the room elements, but works to rescue the room from being too boring and plain. I love the idea of mixing pastel with stripes. This elegant blush pink pencil skirt and white pumps are dressed down with a tucked in white stripe tee. Another elegant yet casual triumphant outfit.
Interior image via missmoss.co.za
Fashion image via 

Pastel Pink and Brights

Updating a trend can sometimes be achieved by throwing together unexpected combinations. There are a lot of neon, fluros and bright, vibrant colors on trend at the moment, combining these shades together can give a delightful result.

Citta Design are one of my favorite home decor brands, very creative and unique designs. They've refreshed a pastel pink palette by teaming it with a vibrant orange. A combo that also works wonderfully well on the catwalk. 
Interior image via thestyleindex.com.au
Fashion image via 

Pastel Blues

Pastel blue shades are said to be a fantastic color to use in a bedroom to make a calm and relaxing environment. The wall colour here brings in that soft hue in a gentle and subtle way. Blues are a cool color so be careful to use in a dramatic way in a bedroom, you will need to consider the amount of light the room receives so that it doesn't feel too cold and dark. But pastel blue is a great compromise. I like the way this room is teamed with floral accessories that acknowledge the pastel blue and introduce other complementary shades of pink, darker blues and greens. The Fashion image is a surprising combo, from the Chloe Resort 2014 collection. The monochrome combo works incredibly well with a pastel aqua top temed with a slighly darker pastel blue. Monochromatic means one color for the whole look, and these similar but slightly different pastel hues are a clever and a unique way you can think about how to mix your pastels. Here is a video tutorial from Sydne Summer on how to wear icy pastels and she shares another great mint monochrome example.
Interior image via elskeleenstra.nl
Fashion image via style.com

Colorful Pastel Sorbet

Now to have some pastel fun with these bold, confident and colorful combos that are reminiscent of fruity sorbet or french patisserie macarons. Verging on the edge of cutesy and babyish feminine, these combos are best set aside for kids bedrooms or study. Lululemon have a wide range of athletic wear in soft pastels bringing some playful fun and joy to your workouts.
Interior image via mollymeg.com
Fashion image via lululemon.com

If you're concerned that your fashion venture into the world of pastel will leave you looking more preschool than professional, I found this great post from babble.com to help you wear pastel without looking like a little girl.

Babble.com shows us how to do this

I leave you with this not sure if it's real or been photoshopped to buggery pastel sunset. And hopefully some more confidence with bringing pastels into your life safely. Until next time, thanks for reading!


Image via cutecorruption.tumblr.com


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