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Monday, 21 July 2014

Pace Tights and B.F.T (Boyfriend Tee) top
Image via Lululemon
I’m a part-time Group Fitness Instructor teaching the Les Mills programs BODYJAMand  BODYSTEP so for a while now I've been thinking about doing a post on athletic sportswear.  But I didn't quite think of how to link it to interiors because decorating a home gym didn't really excite me. However I am passionate about spaces that enhance your well being, and just make you feel good, so I've focused on inspirational zen spaces to work out, do yoga, meditate, or just chill. 

This post was always going to be bias, so I'll be upfront about that now. In my opinion there really is only one great athletic wear manufacturer to consider – Lululemon. Their clothing is beautiful, such high quality it lasts for ages and keeps its shape (they guarantee it for 5 years). Important when you use the gear week in and week out thrashing it with constant sweating and washing! In a world of increasingly cheap, poorly made “Fast Fashion” this is one organisation going against the grain. Ethically made, quality and researched products and made by people that genuinely want to make the world better. Honestly this is not a sponsored post, I'm just a genuine fan.

This gorgeous resort the Dinarobin Golf & Spa in Mauritius would inspire you to relax and I could imagine walking to my daily yoga session in this outfit carrying my yoga mat in this Drishti Yoga Tote
Image credits: Escapethenormal and Lululemon

Cool and blissful, this Morroccan tiled bathroom is stumming and calming. Chill out and enjoy the sunset in your Chai Time Pullover II
Image credits: Interiorsbystudiom and Lululemon

Tranquil contemplation - I love how you can make a zen like garden escape in a city courtyard. Stay connected to nature in an urban sanctuary.
Image credits: Dreamfunhouse and Lululemon Pullover

Even in the urban jungle you can find your zen. A retreat in a chaotic fast paced world. Sleek black combined with your green commando print as you're on a mission to work hard and play hard.
Image credits: Architecturaldigest and Lululemon  Flow Y Bra IV

This zen space is quite playful with a Japanese inspired internal rock garden and swing.
Image credits: Archdaily and Lululemon  pants are In The Flow Crop II 

Imagine these gorgeous things combined - swing bed, the ocean and a sunset, that's my definition of tranquility. Yoga on the beach in this is popular and versatile workout top the Cool Racerback would also inspire tranquility.
Image credits: ViceroyHotelsandResorts and Lululemon

So this isn't a  home interior image but such a beautiful setting to inspire you to go for a run. I'm not much of a runner but in this outfit and on this gorgeous waterfront setting I would be inspired to give it a go.
She wears the pink B.F.T  (Boyfriend Tee) top
Image credits: Fineartamerica and Lululemon

Take the time to find your own zen, happy place or create your own haven at home to take control of your well being. It doesn't need to be a five star resort in an exotic location, simply a corner chair, mat or cushion with a view of the garden and a scented candle will do. Indulge yourself to enjoy life, breathe and and take quality time to find your inner peace and relax.

Image credit: FitnessHealthWorkout

Take care of yourself!

xxx Mereana


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