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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fashion in the vines - image via stuff.co.nz
This summer I entered the Fashion in the vines competition at the Marlborough Wine and Foods Festival. I came third in this Trelise Cooper Coop dress which Erena helped me choose and style. It was such a fun day of wine tasting, great food and awesome memories with great friends.

The hubby and I enjoying our day. A very important part of the outfit is the lipstick! M.A.C - Candy Yum Yum Matt Lipstick, super bright fluro pink! I've decided to make this post all about the PINK! 

M.A.C Candy Yum Yum Matt lippie, wear it and people cant help but comment, its not a shy colour

A beautiful lady showing off close up this lipstick colour
Image via Pinterest.com

A lot of my friends balk at the idea of pink in interiors, but just like Candy Yum Yum lippie you can add pink in a small thoughtful way to create a pretty impact.

Bright pink leather pouf in our living room adds just a touch of pink yumminess

Pink and turquoise such complimentary colors.
Image via cushandnooks.blogspot.co.nz

For a bold statement baby pink walls, again with greens and turquoise it is a nice balance
Image via sfgirlbybay.com

This hot pink unit is so bold, I love how it screams "look at me!"
Image via desiretoinspire.net

Softer blues and pinks, love the retro prints and mid-century furniture style
Image via weheartit.com

These fashion picks show just how nicely hot pink and turquoise go together. Its a stand out playful combo...

Image via marilynsclosetblog.blogspot.com.es
Image via Pinterest.com

Image courtesy of stephanie-bradshaw.com
Inspiration can come from anywhere, even your favorite new lipstick. Cheaper than a new outfit, I highly recommend you grab a new lipstick color and totally transform your look.

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