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Monday, 14 October 2013

Top Left: Via Bespoke, Far Right: Via The Suburban Diary, Bottom Left: Via Gazelle85

Laser cutting, perforations or peek-a-boo cut-outs as they are so aptly-put are for lack of a better phrase so hot right now! Think of a plain stiletto or a white wall and imagine how impactful it could be with just the hint of a watermarked pattern running right the way through it.  Well that my friends is called a cut-out embellishment and it is brilliant for adding personality to your spaces and fashion looks.

Top Left: Via Dezeen, Far Right: Via Styling Notes, Bottom Left: Via Heart Home Mag

I personally have a love-hate relationship with lace and lace overlays and if you share this infrequent distaste then perforations and cut-outs strike a nice middle ground.  The overlay is permanent and can be anything from a series of geometric cut-outs to Moroccan inspired patterns yet the effect is timeless and perhaps most of all is it is just so different.The ankle bootie heel above for instance would cut a beautiful and unique imprint on one's tootsies that you have to believe that it would draw some serious compliments and good ones - that is of course provided that you want people to stare at your feet!

Left: Via Wedding Belles Blog, Right: Via Interior Designn

Think of a simple wedding dress.  Classic, elegant and yet some might say safe or predictable but how fantastic would a wedding dress be if though simple in style was swathed in a beautiful laser cut print.  There are so many laser cutters around that you could investigate having your cut-out be unique to you - it might be a family design or a more fun approach might be to laser-cut the initials of you and your hubby-to-be who knows all I know is that perforations and laser cutting is a thing of beauty and a trend that's here to stay.

Top Left: Via, The Sustainable Stylist, Top Middle: Via Pattern People, Far Right: Via FashioNZ, Bottom Left: Via The Coolspotter

In hindsight I seem to be taken by cut-outs in shoes summer heels in particular but whether you are heading in to Autumn in your part of the world or Summer as in ours, the trend of cut-outs transpires throughout the seasons.  For instance for the home it's light fixtures and artworks with wooden laser-cut overlays and in fashion its perforated designs on suede booties and in leather vests and jackets.

Top Left: Via My Packing Stylist, Far Right: Via Trendhunter, Bottom Left: Via Design Juices

Cut-outs are a peek-a-boo trend that makes the plain more interesting and an otherwise ordinary piece more special. I've just noticed the top right dress isn't a laser cutout persay though it emulates the trend rather well and could be a nice compromise for those of you who are heading into Winter but like the aesthetic but need the warmth that full fabric provides.

Newsflash: I have just bought a pair of my own cut-outs too and though a tad sore to walk in look flippin fabulous!

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