Pattern Attack!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

With the change in season I feel inspired to brighten things up with prints and patterns. On trend right now is to be fearless with patterns and prints and to try some bold combinations. Check our previous post how to mix prints to take it to the next level.

I'm a big fan of Porter Teleo's unique wall paper prints so I've dedicated quite a few of this posts image round up to their fabulous print collection.

I love this large red graphic Porter Teleo Wallpaper against the eclectic art and blue accessories. This outfit combination is from the latest  Karen Walker walker range, mixing prints well. Outfit image courtesy of
Handpainted Porter Teleo wallpaper in a beautiful colour combo of blues, teals, tans and yellows. Sister Jane Monet dress from
We can't have a  pattern attack round up without polka dots. I love the raw texture that the drip effect from the hand painted Porter Teleo wallpaper gives. This is an amazing dress from that I'd love to have to welcome in spring.
A more bold example from Porter Teleo wallpaper has a massive impact. This funky outfit from is also a great example of mixing prints - pattern and polka dots.
Like pattern and print but not too confident with color? Try grey and white. Porter Teleo wallpaper and dress from
Monochromes and grey grahpic prints -  Porter Teleo wallpaper and dress from
More floral polka dot Porter Teleo  wallpaper print and the gorgeous floating Mondegreen tee and maxi skirt.
Porter Teleo aqua and grey wallpaper print, with Kate Sylvester demonstrating how to mix prints right - stripe and floral.

Marimekko is an internationally renowned Finnish brand that is famous for their bold graphic designs for prints, fashion and ceramics. Their range truly spans the premise of this blog from home decor and accessories to fashion, so putting the following roundup together was a very natural fit for homebecomesher...

Beautiful bright pink Marimekko print, and this guy is pretty confident to rock this pant print!
Marimekko monochrome and red geometric print
Marimekko tree print ranging from decor to dresses.
Marimekko bold bed duvet set and loving this flamboyant rain drop print.
This poppy print is probably Marimekko's most famous trademark design, and they've teamed with Converse to create these bold sneakers.
Monochrome Marimekko, these hand drawn looking lines give real character to your typical stripe. I would love this ceramic print as a wallpaper.
Monochrome Marimekko floral. Again the famous poppy print in blacks and greys. 

Some of my favorite fashion prints right now...

Diesel print jumpsuit - from

Fantastic floral from
More Marimekko boldness

Orla Kiely 60s Shift Posey Printed Silk Dress. From

Mixing stripe and a busy floral pattern is an easy an effective way to mix prints. Outfit from
Embrace this new seasons pattern attack and work the combos, be bold and bright. Happy change of season! 


  1. Marimekko Poppy print is one of my all time favourites! I like both the colorful sneakers and also the monochrome version of this pattern!

    1. Hi Anu! Marimekko Poppy print is such a striking print! I have a few prints including the Vourenkasvit 1970s print which is pretty special too. Such wonderful fabrics, agreed, thanks for your comment!

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