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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Photos from our trip to Malaysia - Myself dressed in a traditional Malaysian outfit and a pic of our historic accommodation in Melaka - The Baba House

Erena and I recently traveled to Malaysia for our friends birthday celebrations and got to experience all the wonderful things the country had to offer. The most memorable part of the trip for me was the fantastic food, in particular being able to experience the original Nonya Chicken dish in its birth place of Melaka. We ate at the Riverine Coffeehouse which I can highly recommend! This seaside port city has an authentically traditional feel and walking the streets you can easily imagine how it would have been a hundred years earlier. Melaka has been colonized by so many different nations (Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese to name a few) that it has resulted in a very unique mix of food, fashion and architecture.

We also spent a lot of time in Kuala Lumpur, by contrast it is a huge and bustling modern city. I found there to be an interesting tension in Malaysia between the incredibly new hi-tech innovation, for example the stainless steel Petronas Towers, and the very traditional and rustic. I enjoyed how the local people easily crossed over between worlds and through dress, food and architecture you could experience it all.

The shopping in Malaysia is fantastic and quite frankly unavoidable. You cannot walk more than a few hundred meters before encountering yet another mall. The mall experience is also necessary as its blissful air conditioning provides crucial relief from the heat and humidity. Erena goes into great detail on Malaysian shopping tips in her blog post, so do go there for fantastic advice before any future shopping expeditions.

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers symbolize the countries innovative spirit on a world stage. 
Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers, the beautiful Islamic patterns come through the industrial glass and stainless steel structure
Erena and I having pre-dinner drinks at the Petronas Towers before the birthday party dinner. During the day we went and had our hair washed and blow waved which is a great tourist experience I never knew you needed to have in Malaysia.  
Batu caves - Kuala Lumpur - a great half day trip if you want to do something different from shopping. But a warning that it is very hot (no air conditioning in the caves...) and don't carry food, the monkeys will steal it from you.

Monkey munching on his loot

The Batu caves have an array of wonderfully bright and beautiful statues depicting the many Indian gods and goddesses.

I let the lady in the traditional Melakan clothing store style me as my regular stylist Erena was already in transit back to NZ. I enjoyed letting her decide what she thought I would look best in, apparently pale pink, very girly.
Beautifully intricate wood carved door-frame in our Melaka accommodation
Jonker St Melaka, 
Historic sites in Melaka

Malaysia truly satisfied my travel desires for great food and shopping. I really enjoyed the experience and best of all was getting to share it with friends.

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