All for the love of Paisley

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I think Paisley is one of those prints that can divide an audience.  You either love it, sit on the fence about it or hate it and clearly I am NOT in the latter so cover your eyes paisley haters!

paisley wood stamp from

I love the intricacy of Paisley. To me it has a real historic and delicate feel to it which I just adore.

Paisley Porcelain by Ralph Lauren from

It makes for a versatile and intriguing aesthetic for instance when it is done in bright tones it can really 'make' a perfect summer outfit pop!

 Bright red paisley lifts this ensemble by

And in lighter spaces in the home it can feel luxurious and add interest to an otherwise neutral space

Like a little black dress a great paisley number never dates

Eternally hip!  A great paisley dress. Image

Here's a tip for the home or the body.  Keep the print to scale.  If you are a petite wee lass go for a small to medium ranged paisley print, larger if you are more voluptuous.  A small interior versus a large space is no different.

Good paisley (large paisley, large interior space)

Paisley Citco 3D Tiles.  Image from

Still good paisley (busy micro-paisley pant for petite person)

Image by

The reasoning behind this is so as not to overwhelm you or your space.

Not so good paisley (Florence I love you but whaaat!)

Image by

Check out these celebs who looove paisley:

Kate Hudson

Eva Mendes

Nicole Richie

Kirsten Dunst

Jessica Alba


If you aren't a big fan try tonal paisley - that is paisley in one colour palette or a barely there type of paisley perhaps for the home a pressed metal paisley.

Top: Jil Sanders 12' and 
Bottom: Jimmy Choo Loafer

No matter how strongly you feel about this beloved print (for or against).  In fashion, as in home - hate is a strong word.  I used to say that about a lot of trends and found myself eating my words so I don't hate!

The idea is to challenge your spaces and your style and paisley prints give a sense of intrigue.  

You can reveal as little or as much as you want of a print.  But it will add a certain jez ne sais quoi in any context.

If you're scared of this print, start small 

Nailing the paisley.  Image

and if you're proud go big 

Jessie J - Paisley all the way.  Image

In style as in life my ethos is to never say never to any trend because everything can be interpreted a different way.  When styling a client I often hear 'I would never have gone for that but I love what you've done with it'

Magazines or shop store windows will tell you one way - you just have to reinterpret it to suit your style. 

Paisley tablecloth.  Image:

And remember Paisley pushers you don't hate paisley you just haven't found your perfect paisley yet.



  1. Fantastic article. I am in love with the paisley nails and also the paisley wallpaper - something to consider for future decorating!

  2. Thanks Aimee! Fellow lover of Paisley :) Those Paisley nails are fab - if you perfect them be sure to send us a pic!


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