Colour blocking: A pop of colour to brighten the mood

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I don't know about you but on a cold day like it is here today in New Zealand I need a bit of colour to brighten the mood!


Let's face it, colour blocking isn't a new trend in fact we've written about it before and it has probably been reinvented so many times with a new 'seasonal colour to watch' that I'm hardly breaking new ground here.  But without dwelling on a particular colour I am instead choosing to pay homage to a pop of colour in every shade that I feel really brings a smile to my dial and brings oomph to any room!


I must have gone out and bought at least 4 new shades of bold nail polish in the last two weeks (considering I don't wear nail polish this is pretty significant!).  The bold rich hues of burgundy, merlot, blood red and mauve are so inviting that I've been prepared to brave a wonky right hand just for the privilege of having dramatic colour on my cuticles.  Sometimes a lick of nail polish is all you need to feel like you've done something 'electric' with your look - and for 'naked nail types' like myself it can be quite an uplifting change!


 How much fun is this room now that the bed is green and not brown!  Unexpected yet captivating!

 From left to right:

Recently I've been transfixed by instagram pics of bright bold pink lipstick,  not to mention shots of pink on duvet covers, velvet cushions and mink throws and as I am a girly girl at heart and love pink, I'm going with it.  When normally I would reach for my favourite red lippy (Poppy Cream by Elizabeth Arden) as a 'look at me' lip colour I instead purchased 'Pout Paste' by Australis in a hot pink similar to the one Emma Stone is wearing - its a really glossy shiny pink stain (not great on a windy day) but I instantly loved it.  So much so that I've taken to wearing it during the day (after all it is a gloss) - and you only live once right!  Having said that, a touch of pink really is quite timeless in the right context.  Just like there is a shade of pink for every home there is a shade of pink for every pout!


From left to right: &


For the home, yellow and grey have always been a match made in heaven, its almost as if the grey has a calming effect on the yellow and softens its impact.  While black on the other hand makes the yellow stand out even more as if  vying for attention.  I especially love the culotte's in the first fashion pic, how amazing do those pants look? - yes you probably do need a super high heel or long limbs to have the same effect but if you're shorter, a yellow skirt would have the same effect.  Love it, this makes me smile!

What are you wearing this season that makes you smile whenever you wear it? I bet it's bright and bold.  Sometimes we need a pop of colour to brighten the mood and assert our personalities whether that be at home or on the street :-)

And if you don't wear bright colours very much, try it, you just might like it!

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