Tis the season to be...jolly?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This post was going to be inspired by my new found love of leopard print and the anticipation that it will be big this season however I have since changed tack and found myself falling (just a little) for Christmas.

Dressing in theme is always a bit 'hit and miss' particularly when the theme lasts a whole month (or more in some cases) so I thought I'd show some great ways to do Christmas in style, and hey a lot of them reflect on a lot of lessons from previous blogs - so very unintentionally fitting:


If you like to have a bit of fun try colourblocking as a Christmas statement.  It's bold yet funky and if done with some flair can make a statement that is seriously stylish. 


One day I will buy a silver Christmas tree.  I'm a real silver girl and silver goes with everything.  If you want to steer clear of the traditional green and red colours for the home try finding pieces that go with your homes decor - try whites, pinks, blues and teal in a fresh light decor 

Dressing your home in a monochromatic style - understated yet in the spirit of Christmas - is a great way to have your home feel Christmassy without looking too gimmicky.


There is something ultra modern and stylish about mixing Christmas with some bold prints, colours and shapes that although not necessarily 'Christmas' really add personality into your scheme.  Besides, who wants their houses decorations to look like everyone elses.

A bit of glitter

Lets not forget about a bit of sparkle.  Christmas decorations wouldn't be half as fun without the lights and a bit of sparkle right, so how about what you wear?

Instead of dressing normally for Christmas dinner or lunch why not don your sparkliest ensemble and sparkle as much as the champagne in your glass.  It will put a smile on your face and everyone elses!

Coop sequin dress by Trelise Cooper fashionz.co.nz

I personally love Christmas in all its shades but if you really want to get into it be prepared to put some real effort in and in some cases money into it. 

You can also bet that I'll be going bananas at the Boxing Day sales - specifically on a quest to nab those beautiful decorations that cost a small fortune before the 25th.  Its a slow process of collecting but you'll be so looking forward to your next Christmas that you won't mind waiting!

I hope you have enjoyed our blog this year, and I especially hope you'll be enjoying Christmas and the New Year festivities in the best way you can - for me, thats with my family and friends.

May your days be merry and bright...


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